Chess Coaching Services

I currently teach in the following schools, but there will be others in the future:


Beacon School                                           Colfes School                                                        

Beacon School website                            Colfes School website


Deansbrook Infants School                    Deansbrook Junior School

Deansbrook Infants School website       Deansbrook Junior School website


Mathilda Marks Kennedy School           Rainbow Montessori

Mathilda Marks Kennedy website             Rainbow Montessori website


Swaninaryan School                                  Garden Suburb School

Swaninaryan School website                    Garden Suburb Website


Dollis Junior School                                   St Margarets School

Dollis Junior School website                     St Margarets website


St Andrews School                                     Radlett Preparatory School

St Andrews School website                       Radlett Prep website


Northbrfidge House Prep                          Duncombe Preparatory School

                                                                          Duncombe Website


Beachcroft PRU                                            Merchant Taylor School 

                                                                         MTS website


Grange Park Prep School                           Dollis Infant School













Schools I teach Chess in




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