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The middle game plan tailors for all levels from beginner to expert.


Topics covered are:


Double attacks

Discovered attacks

Discovered checks

X-ray attacks

Pinning and winning

Defence against pins

Looking for forks and skewers

Knights on the rim are dim

Basic checkmates in 2 leading to more complex mating patterns.

How to recognise and defend a mating attack

Seventh rank

Eight rank

Open files

The centre

Looking for opening advantage

Mini plans

How to determine weakness and move to exploit it

Long term plans

Luring and interference

Eliminating the defence

Identifying the threat

Weak pawn structure

Strong pawn structure

The pawn chain

Weakening a strong pawn structure

Passed pawns

Protected passed pawns

Double pawns

Isolated pawns

Strong squares and weak squares

Nimzowitsch blockade

Exchanging pieces

Theoretical drawn positions

Mating attacks

Material vs development

Sacrificial attack and judgement

Sacrifice for position

Exchange Sacrifices

Greek gift Bxh7 sacrifice

Nf7 smothered checkmate Queen sacrifice

Bodens sacrifice

Anastasia's mate sacrifice

Hanging on by the skin of your teeth

Defensive sacrifices

Defence by counter


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Middle Game Strategy

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