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The endgame plan covers all levels from very simple to complex endgame strategies.


Topics covered are:


Rook and one V rook and one

Rook and pawn endings with pawns on 3rd to 7th ranks were king is cut off

Rook and 2 pawns v rook and one

Rook V rook and equal pawns

Rook endings with connected pawns and disconnected pawns

Rook endings with material equality and positional advantage

Lucerna position

Philidor position

Magic position.

Saavedra position

Horowitz position

Rook activation

Two rook endings

Rook and minor piece endings

Rook V queen

Mate with bishop and knight

Mate with knight and knight

Bishop and pawn

Knight and pawn

Bishop V knight

Bishop or knight v rook

Bishops V bishops endings

Queen V queen and pawn

Queens and pawns

Centralisation of the king

Pawn against pawn

Pawn squares



Looking for a waiting move

Middle game to endgame transition

Looking for stalemates


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End Game Strategy

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